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Master Account Guide!

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Master account is an Account management system of Valhalla. You can manage your game accounts and create game accounts inside your master account! You can also do Vote for points and Buy Rok Points using your master account!

How to Register: http://my.playvalhalla.ph/register



  • Master Account cannot be logged in-game.
  • You cannot use your master account as a game account.
  • So do not try to login your master account in-game!


What Master Account can do?

  1. You can create a game account as much as you want, Just click this  addgame.PNG.bc8c1d11c973ae7f688d52b2eff08b7f.PNG on your left side master menu.
  2. You can vote our server in exchange of vote points and spend them in-game with this link votep.PNG.f717a5a64d28130ec6ae57ff74796e17.PNG also on the left menu.
  3. You can buy ROK Points also using your master account buyp.PNG.ce6c1b4d5d41e16efef5f1a7b5a854eb.PNG
  4. You can write and submit a ticket in master account for support! supp.PNG.2ee0ef4943d8a0b04a0d280e4e023f8a.PNG


Game Accounts

  1. Once you created a game account on your master account, it is automatically linked to your master account.
  2. Linked game accounts on master account can share Vote Points and Rok Points
  3. Game accounts can be used as an in-game account!
  4. Now you can login to the game!


  • If you have a master account and a seperate game account registered from here http://playvalhalla.ph/account/
  • then you need to link that account to your master account to be able to get some access on your Vote Points and Rok Points Purchases.
  • Unlinked game accounts are solo and doesn't have any privileges on master account.


Vote For Points

  1. You can vote for points in master account and redeem them in Prontera lower left town market.
  2. Only linked account to a master account can redeem a vote points.
  3. You can vote every 12 hrs for 5 points each site.
  4. The Vote redeem NPC in prontera will tell you if your game account is linked or not linked to your master account.
  5. Any linked Game accounts to a Master account can share vote points.


Buying Rok Points

  1. Buying Rok points is voluntary and this will help the server expenses and it is non-refundable.
  2. Buying a Rok Points using your master account is universal to all game accounts, it means they can share or redeem Rok points on the remaining Rok points balance of a master account.
  3. You will not see any Rok points balance once your game account is not linked to your master account.
  4. You can check Rok Points balance of your master account in Prontera lower left market. Make sure you are checking balance in-game using the linked game account on your master account.
  5. You can use the currency ROK POINTS for buying through Hypermart Kafra Shop.

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