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  2. Hi Im Downy1973

    Enjoy ako sa laro nito galing pala ako sa leyte Ormoc City. . . IGN: Downy1973 Proud of Armenias Intercafe!
  3. Hello, episode 1 details?

    Yeah, I am interested too. GMs please come.
  4. Hello from Russia xD

    I russian, nick in game Rich man Mafia mom
  5. Problem in client

    Admin, when you re-enter the game, the files disappear, cps.dll etc. I have to re-install the client, fix it
  6. pyxciurt

    small loans with monthly payments loan consolidation real online payday loans loans in oklahoma city
  7. Bash NO STUN

    Hello GM, We have tried more than 500 times to bash monster even in PVP stun effect DOES NOT WORK. Please have this fix.
  8. Hi guys! Great server, I am enjoying it so far. Here is a question for you. Does it make sense to gather parties at this server? At low level?

    case close gumana na po salamat sir...
  10. lvpjluvs

    installment loans loans for payday installment loans person loans
  11. Hi IGN: Ryushifer here...Staying here in germany for work. Looking forward to meet new friends!

    up to this! Having the same problem. Would also help if you can store these items in your storage so you can use it within the account! =)
  13. Suggestion

    Hello! Thank you for that suggestion but the maximum zoom out for android is already max out. And we cant do more, Hope you understand. Thank you and God Bless! Enjoy the game!
  14. Hello, just starting to get back into ragnarok and so far enjoying myself but I'm not used to the first episodes anymore so is there anyone or the GM's that can give us full details about episode 1 like what monsters are available/where, items, maps, so forth, this would be great not just for me but I imagine everyone would love to know this, thank you.

    hindi po gumagana yung atk 10 nya. TIA
  16. Hello from New Zealand

    OFW from NZ Wanna experience the classic RO
  17. Skill names

    How to fix the names of the skills? And there are no effects in game. I'm playing in Android
  18. Hello

    Greeting from PH
  19. B>Whisper Card | Pupa Card Offer please. IGN: Jiiyo
  20. Suggestion

    Hello I know this is not the correct section for this, since there is no existing section for this. Anyways I know this is just newly opened server, but I just want to suggest this since I am having so much fun playing this again(been 4 yrs since I last played ragnarok online miss this game so much hahaha. ) So here is my suggestion and I hope this will be taken considered by the developers. Well I am suggesting that the zoom out distance for the android platform be increased farther. Since the max zoom out for the current version in Android well it is still too near and cant see that much. Well I hope this will be seen and take consideration ehehhe. Thank you in advance
  21. Greetings from France

    Here in the dark highway run in from Payon, the Epic RO JOURNEY to Valhalla begins ! Noobs go.
  23. Brazilian Guy.

    You can! Old RO Feeling 2002 ~ 2004!
  24. HELLO

    Server up??
  25. Brazilian Guy.

    I hope to remember the old days in this server Espero encontra algum br no servidor kkkk.
  26. Hey guys, French here

    Salut, si tu cherches un partenaire de jeu fais-moi signe
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